Cannabis Germination is a very simple process and is merely getting a seed from its “sleep” stage to begin to sprout. Get the best quality seeds right here.


While it is possible to germinate cannabis seeds found in your everyday “local” weed. It is however, definitely more effective and better to choose the highest quality cannabis seeds you can afford.

There are many factors to consider regarding strains. When choosing to buy seeds its best to stretch your budget as you will get what you pay for. With many unique cannabis strains on the market, you need to choose wisely. The right type of strain for your grow room or outdoor conditions and the type of harvest you want.

Do you prefer Indica, Sativa or a hybrid? Are you growing indoor or outdoor, hydroponics or soil? There are many factors to consider and choices to be made, so consider your options carefully to get the most out of your cannabis strain selection.

When you choose a strain, and decide to begin germination, you need to know what that seed is capable of producing. There are feminized seeds available and a choice of auto flowering seeds which will grow for a certain amount of time before automatically start to flower without the need to change the light timing. Then, we have to choose what final product we are aiming for; is it a Indica smoke: short bushy plants with a stronger more body high or a Sativa: bigger, lankier plants with generally high THC content which produces a more “speedy” head high.


When we look at our newly obtained cannabis seeds they need to show certain characteristics for us to know if they are ready to sprout or whether they are immature. Cannabis seeds that are white or greenish in color are usually immature and not good to sprout. Fresh, good seeds look waxy and have hard, intact shells that if we squeeze one between two fingers, it shouldn’t crack or break.

Germination is a very simple process and is merely getting a seed from its “sleep” stage to begin to sprout. After getting the best quality seeds you can, there are 3 main conditions needed to wake up the seed:

  • Warmth
  • Darkness
  • Moisture

Light can slow down or even hamper the speed of germination. We have several choices of how to supply these requirements for the seed to sprout, let us have a look at what I have had the most success with and is by far my favorite method.


This is a very popular germination method, it’s an old favorite and one I’ve had the most success with. I begin this method by pre-soaking the seeds I wish to sprout in a small container filled with bottled or filltered water. First, place your seeds in a container or glass shot glass. Fill this with enough water to cover the seeds, they will float at first but will sink within 12 hours.

I soak my cannabis seeds in water and place the container in a dark space for 12 hours and no longer than 24 hours. Usually I find at this point a small tap0root peeping through a cracked shell. Be careful not to touch or damage this tiny root as it is very fragile and very susceptible to damage.

After pre-soaking your seeds prepare your germination soil also known as seedling soil. Gently drop your baby seedling into your soil. Make a small hole in your medium rather than forcing them in with your fingers. Ensuring its gently covered and not too deep. Keep your soil damp at all times, never let it dry up. Make sure not over soak it. Keep your seeding warm and safe.


Step 1: Pre-soak seeds in a dark space in bottled water for 12 hours and no longer than 24 hrs.

Step 2: Place pre-soaked seeds in seeding soil. Make sure it does not get any direct sunlight and remains moist, dark and warm.

Step 3: Keep your seeds at around 21 degrees C – 29.4 degrees C (like at the top of the fridge) and don’t let them dry out or they will die.

Your seed should sprout within 10 days, showing her 1st set of beautiful leaves.  Be very gentle when handling them at this early stage.

In the coming weeks, we will examine the options we have regarding grow mediums and how to sow and care for our newly germinated cannabis seedlings.

Written, October 2018


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