Growing Strawberry Amnesia was incredibly fulfilling from the start right up to the unbelievably good taste and effect after skinning her up for the first time. Strawberry Amnesia s a powerful uplifting strain. A blend between the highly appreciated and well-known strains Strawberry Cough and Amnesia.
By OG Team


Strawberry Amnesia quickly became my everyday go-to strain. This cannabis seed by Dinafem Seeds is quite easily one of the most impressive Sativa strains I have grown. Grows vigorously and fills the air with hints of fresh strawberries and cream.


Okay, what’s not to love? This strain is truly one of my tops. From its incredibly vigorous growth to its insanely high yielding properties, strawberry amnesia is insanely good. Not only a visual impressive worthy of attracting everyone’s attention but also a remarkably exotic aromatic imprint that that has no barriers.

Growing Strawberry Amnesia was incredibly fulfilling from the start right up to the unbelievably good taste and effect after skinning her up for the first time. I found this strain to be all round easy to grow and pleasant to consume.


Strawberry Amnesia is a powerful uplifting strain. A perfect blend between the highly appreciated and well-known strains Strawberry Cough and Amnesia. Created to introduce a potent sativa dominant strain to the cannabis community.

With its typical energizing and euphoric effects of a sativa, this strain is great for Stress and Depression. The dark green buds of Strawberry Amnesia are very dense and heavily coated in resin, so this potent sativa should be handled with caution.


There is no doubt that this is a “sativa-dominate” stain.  However, dark and Indica like her leaves may appear to be. The high cannabinoid content of this strain makes for great medical applications.

This strain can be quite effective at easing stress, helping headaches, boosting low energy as well as enhancing appetite. Its mouth-watering herbal, spicy, berry aromas also lend to why this strain is one of my personal favorites.


When growing Strawberry Amnesia, expect to be pleasantly surprised. This strain certainly showcases the best traits a Sativa-dominant cannabis plant could have. This strain loves the sun and can thrive in regions with tropical climates.

I found this train to be very strong and resistant to mildew. She can be topped multiple times and grows really well outdoors as her branches stretch and bulks up a lot. She loves taking up a lot of space, the more space the better. If you’re growing indoors, we recommend keeping a close eye on her growth, she has a tendency to spread.

As strawberry amnesia is such a vigorous plant, she needs more feed than what would normally be expected. However, meet all her nutrient requirements she will certainly reward you with yields of resin coated buds in around 70 days of flowering.


Strawberry Amnesia is a fast-flowering, easy-to-grow, beautiful plant that yields bulky, compact buds totally covered in resin. Though, I have found there is a tendency to harvest early, however, if fed correctly wait until her flowers are full and juicy.

As she grows tall and bulky, she will most probably need some support holding her branches up. This strain performs really well outdoors, unleashing her aroma letting everyone around know she’s near without even seeing her.

When cultivated indoors, growers can expect yields of roughly 625 g per meter squared. Whilst growing outside gorilla grows or greenhouse settings, this strain can produce up to 1100 g a plant, unleashing its true sativa potential.


Strawberry amnesia offers an energetic and cerebral high, capable of inducing motivation and drive. The effect is clean and pure euphoria with creamy strawberry flavors and aromas. A very uplifting strain that will no doubt give you the giggles at first.

Users can expect some very positive and pleasurable effects from Strawberry Amnesia. The strain offers, more than anything else, a relaxed feeling. However, this relaxation isn’t in the same kind of body high caused by Indica plants. It’s more of a cerebral effect that leaves the user feeling uplifted, focused, and creative.

  • Cerebral high
  • Creamy strawberry taste
  • Uplifting
  • Giggly
  • Euphoric
  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Genotype: Sativa-Dominant
  • Genetics: Original Amnesia x Original Strawberry Cough
  • Flowering stage: 70-75 days
  • Height: 3m
  • Yield: Indoor – up to 625g/m2, Outdoor – up to 1100 grams a plant.
  • THC: High, Up to 22%

Personally, I love this strain. Everything about it, from its easy to grow and its unstoppable vigor to the full aromas and effects when consumed. Don’t underestimate this strain. She is potent but fun and lives up to the best traits a sativa dominant strain has to offer.


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